My voice mentor

As a child, Mona Marshall used to listen to Daws Butler give vocal life to a sweet but not too-bright dog in the old Ruff And Reddy animation series. She never imagined in her wildest dreams that “Reddy” would one day not only be her voice mentor and friend, but also one of the most influential people in her life.

First steps

Marshall grew up in St. Louis and moved to Los Angeles to study acting. Daws Butler, Robert C. Board, and improvisation with Off the Wall became foundations for her early acting career.  

Her first voiceover job was as a Scottish maid in a Sherlock Holms story on a radio show. Then she landed an acting job with the L.A. Moving Van and Puppet Company, which traveled across Los Angeles performing bilingual, multicultural shows at schools, recreation centers, and fairs.  

Finding the way

The puppet company was a gateway to bigger voiceover jobs. Her first big part was dubbing Alexander’s voice in the English version of the Academy Award-winning Ingmar Bergman classic Fanny and Alexander. That’s when Mona first discovered that she could voice male characters, and a whole other world opened up from there. She began to voice male characters in anime, games, and film, from .Hack to Wolf’s Rain and Digimon

Professional stage

After the talented Mary Kay Bergman’s untimely death, Mona was chosen to replace several of the characters Bergman had created on South Park. Mona now continues to voice dozens of characters, including Mrs. Broflovski, on the show ever since. She’s also worked on movies for all the major studios including Disney’s Monsters Inc.Monsters University,  and Spirited Away, Pixar’s Frozen and the Academy Award-winning Inside Out, Sony’s The Emoji Movie, Dreamworks Trolls and Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me.

Humanity harbor

After more than 15 years creating voices for TV, film, games, and anime, Mona started paying attention to the drawings she would create in the margins of the voiceover scripts she had read throughout her career. 

These drawings turned into a decade-long journey of developing and writing an adult animation project called Humanity Harbor. (More on that to come soon!) 

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